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What is Zuri Baby Couture?

Zuri Baby Couture is an apparel brand that designs and manufactures handmade shoes, clothes, headband, necklace, and hair clips for both babies and toddlers. Besides providing an online shop with an easy-to-use shopping cart, it also gathers the mommy communities in the country with its well-loved promotions that include sales activities, social media engagements, monthly contests, and weekly giveaways.

We love to share the joy of proper dressing and good grooming for children. Every featured product, in reference to its color palette and construction, is well-planned according to the personality of youngsters. We use quality and fine materials, such as hypoallergenic elastic bands and soft fabrics for the sensitive skin of little ones.

When did we start?

We began our fashion journey in March 2013 with the launch of our first ever collection duo, Diva Collection and Simply Elegant Collection, which mostly featured pink-colored designs.

We got lovely and positive comments from our loyal clients from the very beginning, that’s why we decided to expand our product line to more quirky and unique but functional accessories. Right now, we are bringing the combination of classiness and cuteness in one style blast.

Who’s the brain behind this?

Do you happen to know the Filipino-owned brand that showcases artistically-designed gemstones, Zuri Wearable Art? If yes, we are 100% sure that you know who’s the creative brain behind all these cuteness! Our ever adorable mother, Hershey Morgan, is Zuri Baby Couture’s Creative Chief Director and the artist who gave birth to the beautiful product line for bubbly kiddos.

A Gemological Institute of America pearl specialist and Zuri Wearable Art’s proprietor, Hershey’s artsy spark for baby accessories started when she had her first little angel in 2013. She was actually looking for hypoallergenic headbands for her daughter, but failed to find a perfect fit. Guess what was the next step that she took after awhile? Since she already know how to create classy emblems for sophisticated women, she told herself, “why not make one for the benefit of my pretty princess?”

After having crafted the first headband for her baby, Hershey has continued to keep her fashionable spirit burning forever for the love of her two beautiful little girls now.

Are we available worldwide?

The answer is a big YES! Zuri Baby Couture is under the fashion house of Genesis Logistics Marketing and Technologies Pte Ltd, a marketing firm geared towards retail business and brand marketing of premium fashion products through various online platforms.

We have international branches in the following countries—United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, and France.

Our Core Values

Similar with our mother company, Genesis Logistics Marketing and Technologies Pte Ltd, we practice and give importance to the following values:

  • Excellence
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Customer Service and After-Sales Support
  • Teamwork
  • Social Responsibility
  • Profitability

Who are our team members?

Our design and manufacturing team is based in both Manila and Jakarta. We also have logistics and customer service representatives who are always ready and enthusiastic to assist every client in their inquiries and needs.

What do our clients say about us?

Since our first launch in 2013, we’ve been getting all the love and support from our avid members in each and every activity that we spearhead. We encountered challenges down the road, and those challenges inspired us to do better. With more than 1,000 photos of babies wearing Zuri Baby Couture accessories, we couldn’t be happier and also forever thankful to the One above!

Day after day, minute after minute, the batch of a thousand photos is continuously increasing. Check out the hashtag #zuribabycouture and #whoswearingzuribabycouture on both Instagram and Twitter, and see what they indeed say about us! Click here! Enjoy reading!

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