Oriental Girl – Baby Barefoot set for newborn, infant and toddlers

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Available size: Small – Ideal for babies 3-18 months

Barefoot Sandal: Flexible elastic fits 3-18 months
Headband: 40 cm Soft elastic


Color and Design: (Color) (Printed/Solid Color) Barefoot Sandals & Headband set.


Barefoot Sandals and Hair Accessories: Made with soft hypoallergenic elastic band adorned with fabric flowers. Constructed with felt backing for comfort and safety.

Category: SKU: ZBC-BFS-013


There’s nothing more irresistibly cuter than little baby feet. Adorn your baby’s little toes with a unique Zuri Baby Couture Barefoot Sandal that will let her step into the world with style! Every pair comes with a matching headband.


The Barefoot Sandal and matching Hair accessory is made of the hypoallergenic soft elastic ornament with a fabric flower and with felt backing for comfort and safety.


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